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We offer Cloud Hosting Services. You can pick Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure cloud according to your preference.

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Why do you need Cloud?

In such a fast-paced world of today where everything happens instantly, Cloud computing provides a fast and easy access to almost unlimited information and technology resources.

As official partners of the world’s leading company such as Google, and Microsoft or Hong Kong’s leading Telecom Company Hong Kong Telecom using their cloud platform and services, through Armitage and our products, your performance can be enhanced without comprising security. You can increase your business’s agility and speed to market benefiting from Cloud, quickly adapting to the ever-changing world.

Invest in turning data into actionable insights

What’s more, in the world where data flows in from all direction – apps, website, online and offline stores, IoT devices etc., only storing the insurmountable and ever-increasing amount of data on cloud would it be feasible. With Cloud-based storage you can afford to keep almost everything without the need to worry about acquiring the enormous infrastructure for it.  How often do you delete a photo?

Benefits of Cloud  

  • Storing data that is available for retrieval anytime anywhere
  • Much easier for your business to scale up and grow

  • Storing on state-of-the-art platforms can help improve your applications’ performance

  • Free up your internal engineers to focus on innovation instead of maintenance of own infrastructure, thus improving staff efficiency

  • Elevate employee and customer experiences by managing multiple web and mobile applications at the same time

  • Seamless upgrade without disruption

  • Using Cloud to access enormous amount of data and gain business insights from it

Our products using Cloud Platform with Monthly Subscription service available:

TacticsX One Total Trading Solution

TacticsX Membership System

Armitage SuiteCRM

Fleet Management System

XEway Cross-border e-Commerce Solution

ecFAMS Fixed Assets Management System

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