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Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our corporate strategy. We are committed to giving back to the community in which we do business in with the three aspects below:

Being a good corporate citizen, Armitage is committed to supporting different community events or projects for a good cause. We participate in a wide variety of social involvements within communities through activities such as sponsorship programs and volunteer work. To further promote the active participation of our employees, the Armitage Volunteer Team was established in 2010.

Caring cert 2016  OutstandingCorporateCitizenship2017    SCB2016    Certificate of Participation

Caring Company 5+                Outstanding Corporate              Social Capital Builders Award 2017      Certificate of Participation 
 2011-2018                            Citizenship  2016-17                                                                       for Volunteer Participation 2016


20171031 FoodDonatingThankYouLetter      20171125 IVE scholorship Cert of App
Certification of Appreciation for      Certification of Appreciation for
for Food Donation to People            Support to IVE Scholarship 2017
Service Centre 2017


Armitage has dedicated ourselves to reduce its negative impact on the environment. In 2012, Armitage successfully launched the “Fleet Safety and Energy Saving Management System" which has been awarded the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012: Best Green ICT (Innovation) Silver Award.

At the same time, Armitage has various initiatives committed to conserve energy in our working environment, such as improving our lighting system, using energy-saving and carbon reduction printer, installing thermostat to control office temperature, and turning off unnecessary lights during lunch-break and in unoccupied office areas.

In the future, Armitage will continue to participate in protecting the environment and take action against global warming.
 powersmartcert2014  ICTAward2012        EnergywieCertificate2017 2019       Wastewie Certificate exp Dec 31 2018
Power Smart Energy Saving          Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012 -                 Energywi$e Certificate by             Wastewi$e Certificate by             
Contest 2012 - 2014                    Best Green ICT (Innovation)                  Hong Kong Green Organization        Hong Kong Green Organization
                                               Award - Silver               

We put great emphasis on staff's internal development and personal well-being. We emphasize a happy working environment for our staff to raise their happiness-at-work level and organize diversified recreational activities including sports competitions, interest classes and annual company outing to create happy moments and shared memory with everyone in the company.

Happy Co Cert 2018          Partner Employer 5 award 2018

 Happy Company 2013-2018                  Partner Employer Award 2011-2018

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