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Technologies Software development Framework

Equipped with project experiences for several decades, Armitage possesses its own software framework which is a combination of various development suites using Microsoft platform and its related products. Due to its practicability and extensive coverage on most area the software framework has led to many successful cases.

The software framework is to be engaged in the applications development process to avoid redundant effort and unnecessary time-consumption to research, evaluate and carry out proof-of-concept on tools. This will reduce technical impacts and risks and strengthen tools usage through technical knowledge sharing.

The software framework has pre-built a rich set of common application modules spreading across different tiers in the entire architecture design. Apart from common application modules and services, a set of design methodologies, development guidelines and procedures and documentation templates will be implemented to standardize the practice throughout the software development life cycle and, in addition, can reinforce the quality of deliverables. As such, the entire development timeframe can be significantly shortened with a high quality of products produced. Using software framework, designers and developers can devote their time to focus on business requirements to meet users’ expectation.

Making use of Framework, we can use it to help you migrate from Silverlight to HTML5.

Key Benefits

  • The key benefits of applying our software development framework include:
  • Standardized development environment, no more “personal-style” programming
  • Re-usable design to ensure software conciseness with little wastage
  • Speed up the overall development time
  • Applicable across multiple devices and platforms (Windows client, web browser, or a mobile/tablet device)
  • Enhanced code maintainability and consistent code quality
  • Increased productivity and predictability to ensure reduction in risk and cost
  • Better projection on the return on investment (ROI) for our customers

User Interface Presentation

Rich UI Controls

The professionally designed UI Controls are built to suit the users’ daily operational needs while the coding interface remains simple.

Runtime Configurable UI Components

UI Components’ flexibility enables modification to be done anytime and not only during development period.

UI Form Designer & Generator

Instead of using outdated tools, the Form Designer allows developers to construct forms in a radial format that adapts to the presentation standard transparently. Form Generator, on the other hand, dynamically create forms and present the result to users in a more straight-forward way.

Multilingual Support 

With innate multilingual support, systems built on top of the software framework are empowered to localize seamlessly without any special care from developers.

High Compatible Integration Interface

Mobile Devices Integration Service 

Integration to any modern device is ready by supporting diverse communication protocols and transparently translating to internal native service.

Cloud Integration Service (e.g. Google) 

Being a part of the computing evolution, cloud integration is an essential feature that can allow the system to utilize services provided by industry-leading enterprises and implement consumable service in the SaaS model at the same time.

External System Integration Service 

The well-defined and highly-modularized design permits any system-to-system integration to be carried out in a perfectly manageable manner.

Contemporary Security Architecture

Advance Security Algorithm

By employing the most advanced security algorithm in the area of transcoding like encryption and secured hashing, all classified data are truly protected not only in the storage but also during data flow in normal system operations.

Digital Signature & Digital Certification Support

The digital signature and certification function ensures the integrity and confidentiality of any classified data transmitted. System is also empowered to perform secured communication to external system.

Solid Security System Flow

The well-designed secure data flow protects the system from common and known threats as well as ensures the lowest probability of any unexpected data interception.

Elastic Users Permission Management

A built-in user permission management model enables the system to have the advantage of a highly-secured interface with easy configuration.

Industrial Service Communication Architecture

Scalable Load-Balanced Multiple Servers Mechanism 

Instead of traditionally having a costly single server, system with this feature can balance the workload across different servers in a cost-effective way with less limitation boundary and can be adjusted based on realistic need.

Coding Algorithm for Communication 

During the communication process, the system can easily switch the intermediate coding algorithm such as compression, error detection and correction, encryption and so on.

Communication Error Handling 

An advance error handling mechanism is provided to manage common communication errors to avoid developers in spending time on low level and complicated issues.


Development Toolset

Handy Debugging Tools 

A rich and handy debug toolset is available to address common development technical issues. Developers can easily trace and find the root of the problems with just a few button clicks.

Code Generators 

The large portion of available dummy codes frees up developers’ time. Those codes are generated not only to data tier but also application logic and presentation tiers.


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