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Our Vision

Our vision is to build a better world making use of big data, and as such we nurture our employees to grow and equip themselves throughout their career.

We believe that our employees must be passionate about their job in order to perform well. We work hard to provide the  best working environment for our staff.

At Armitage, every employee opinion counts. We encouraged open two-way communication. The high level of motivation among our employees can be attributed to a corporate culture founded on openness, trust, and mutual respect.

We encourage our staff to participate in the company’s sports and recreation activities to achieve work life balance as well as to build relationship among peers. We have a reward program for those who participate the most in company activities. We also believe in giving back to the community in which we do business in, which is why we are participate actively in community work. We do encourage our staff to participate in our CSR initiatives.

Our Core Values
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Growth and Development

We provide extensive on-the-job training as well as various external and internal training programs for our employees. We encourage internal promotion and provides opportunities for advancement and HR development measures that will allow our staff to take advantage of those opportunities. 

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Employee Caring

We are committed to provide an extensive range of activities and recreation for our employees. We promote a fun and lively working atmosphere and stress work-life balance.

- Working Environment

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- Company Activities   

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Caring of Community

Caring cert 2016         Volunteer Service Bronze Award 2016 ATL resized SCB2016
Caring Company 2016 Volunteer Service Bronze Award 2016 Social Capital Builder Awards 2016

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the message behind that shapes all of our activities and operations. By protecting the environment, caring about the community and reaching out to those in need, we contribute to Hong Kong’s sustainable development and help make our city a better place.

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Caring of Environment

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Fuji Xerox Certification 
of Appreciation 2014  
Friends of the Earth (HK) 
Power Smart Energy 
Saving Contest Certificate 
of Appreciation 2013
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