With the collaboration by both Armitage and GS1 Hong Kong Smart Professional Service Team (SPS Team), AIoT technology was introduced to Sun Fat Heung (Branded Top Soya). Armitage and SPS Team both assisted AIoT adoption with multiple application along their production line. AIoT multiplied their plant’s productivity by connecting and linking people, process and things (e.g. product / machinery) for physical goods production and asset management.


Founded in 1958, Sun Fat Heung Food Products Ltd. has been focusing on the soy industry in Hong Kong for more than 60 years. Branded Top Soya in the market, the company is committed to producing high quality soy products and insists on local daily production to ensure fresh products for consumers every day.




  • Video Analytics ad AI Application: checking if expiry dates are clearly stamped on bottle caps, computing the amount of goods produced, and automating product validation and SKU identification.
  • Reduces the occasional manual error and enhances the operational efficiency more than 30%.
  • IoT Sensory Device: safeguard product quality and occupational health by capturing environmental data including temperature, humidity, air quality and noise.
  • AIoT: The data captured helps production and managerial staff better understand the utilization pattern and usage of manpower, machines and electricity, facilitates the benchmark establishment and preventive measure, minimizes loss and reduces fault rate by 10%. 


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