CELIMS (Centralized Explosives Licensing And Management System)
Thanks to the opportunity for participation to optimisation project - Centralised Explosives Licensing And Management System (CELIMS)”, Armitage continuously make contribution to local IT sector.


For the enhancement and improvement tackling to existing license application procedure, Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) decided to optimize the new system named “Centralised Explosives Licensing And Management System (CELIMS)”, and it was officially launched on 16th November 2020.



  • Online Application: CELIMS allows applicants to handle all the procedure online.
  • Fast Form Filling: All the application forms are ready on CELIMS online.  Applicants can simply fill the suitable from and submit the application online accordingly.
  • Check Application Status: CELIMS allows applicants to track their application status online.
  • Payment Anywhere: Applicants can pay the fee via online payment gateway.