Crowd Management & Counting with AI Scope Pro |Hong Kong Flower Show 2023
Crowd management has become crucial as the epidemic subsides, and large public events are regaining in popularity. At present, counting people in the event is done manually, which is time-consuming and error-prone, and also lack of accuracy.


LSCD invited Armitage to provide the reliable solution for assurance in regard to crowd management in Hong Kong Flower Show 2023, and we furnished the event with AI Scope Pro, which is mobilizable high-pole surveillance device with edge computer vision.



Crowd Management & Counting with AI Scope Pro



  • AI Scope Pro provided organizer with computer vision functions in which are capable of counting large number of people’s entry & exit to event, and reveal the total number of visitors’ dwell in the venue in Real-Time.
  • AI Scope Pro is equipped with a pneumatic lift mast, which consists of a pneumatic cylinder and mast and uses air pressure to drive the lift. 
  • Each entrance and exit areas were equipped with AI Scope Pro.  Its adjustable height allows organizer’s comprehensive view for venue.
  • AI Scope Pro recorded captured video and image and converted them into numerical / statistical data that can be transmitted to organizer’s terminal via wireless network of LTE5G or Wifi.
  • AI Scope Pro reaches IP66 and IK standard that is waterproof and resistant to dust and bump.  Run as usual for 72 hours in case of power outage and to be able to operate in any weather conditions.
  • Backend – Reveal real time data of pedestrian flow; Generate report in a variety of form by period, date or time interval.



  • Data Accuracy

By Armitage’s AI Scope Pro, the accurate crowd data is available to organizer and provide them the insight including number of people’s entry, exit and dwell of the event.  It also allows organizer to share the crowd data to other departments for better crowd control.


  • Safety Assurance

Organizer can set the maximum capacity of people in venue.  There will be instant message alert to personnel upon approach to limit or overcrowding, which facilitate them to take preventive action against crowd crisis.


  • Free up Manual Resource

People counting in automation reduce the need of manpower and human error, and result in high accuracy and efficiency.


  • Insightful Data

The comprehensive crowd data collected by AI Scope Pro provides organizer with insight about peak and non-peak hour, visitors’ routine to event.  Those data are helpful and meaningful to organizer’s planning for next event’s marketing strategy and optimization.



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AI Scope Pro Specification


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