Crowd Counting with AI Scope|Junior Quality Education Expo 2023
As result of grown success experience in crowd management & counting solution, it led Armitage to be invited to provide crowd counting solution for Junior Quality Education Expo 2023. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we apply this solution to indoor use from outdoor application.


We furnished “Education Expo” with AI Scope, which is mobilizable high-pole surveillance device with edge computer vision.  AI Scope enables organizers to track crowd movement and accurately count number of individuals in the designated areas, and collect data of pedestrian flow at any given moment.



Crowd Counting with AI Scope



  • The location between entrance and exit was equipped with AI Scope.  Its camera computed the number of people’s entrance and exit of the event and pedestrian flow report provided in a variety of form including period, date or time interval.
  • Reveal data of pedestrian flow; Generate report in a variety of form by period, date or time interval.
  • AI Scope meets IP66 and IK standard that is waterproof and resistant to dust and bump.  Run as usual for 72 hours in case of power outage and to be able to operate in any weather conditions.



  • People counting by AI Scope in automation reduced the need of manpower and human error, and result in high accuracy and efficiency.
  • The comprehensive crowd data collected by AI Scope Pro provides organizer with insight about peak and non-peak hour, visitors’ routine to event. 
  • Those data are helpful and meaningful to organizer’s planning for next event’s marketing strategy and optimization.


Please click here for video.


AI Scope Specification


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