Crowd Management & Counting with AI Scope Pro |Kowloon City Sognran Festival 2024
Armitage has earned greater public recognition and acknowledge by contributing computer vision and crowd management & counting solutions to numerous public events in recent years. We were once again invited to provided crowd management and counting solution for large public event.


As a result of Armitage’s successful participation and experiences, we were selected as solution provider of crowd management and counting solutions to the “Day x Night Vibes @ 18 Districts: Kowloon City Songkran Festival 2024" event (abbreviation: “The Kowloon City Songran Festival 2024”).



Crowd Management & Counting with AI Scope Pro



Our solution enhanced the overall experience and safety of visitors and personnel at “The Kowloon City Songran Festival 2024.  It also provided the event with real-time insight and facilitated their crowd management measures, while ensuring the smooth flow of the event and maintaining a safe environment for all participants.


AI Scope Pro Specification


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