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We are excited to launch our brand new Axcel Customer Service Supporting Portal and we hope you like it too! A product is only as good as its support, so we're hoping that our information, FAQs, and our platform which is accessible anywhere anytime for leaving your queries will make using our products more useful. Here, you will find what you need.

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First time accessing our Axcel Customer Service Supporting Portal? If yes, please follow the steps below to install the certificate.

1. First, open Internet Explorer browser.
2. Second, go to
3. Select “Continue to this website” to access the portal.

4. Then, click on “Certificate Error” at the top-right corner.

5. A “Certificate Error” message will then pop up. Click “View certificates”.

6. Information on the certificate will be displayed. Click “Install Certificate”.

7. Click the “Next” button to proceed.

8. Select “Place all certificates in the following store” option and click “Browse…”

9. Choose the “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” option and click “OK”

10. Then, click the “Next” button.

11. “Certificate Store Selected by User” will be displayed and will be imported after you click “Finish”.

12. After clicking the “Finish” button, a Security Warning message will be displayed. Click “Yes” to confirm installation of the certificate.

13. Certificate successfully imported.

If you encounter any problem installing the certificate, please feel free to contact us at 2950 0388 or leave us a message using the CS Enquiry Form on the right hand side.
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