All starting from Customer Relationship Management

For all industries, the most important asset of a company must be the existing customer. The key factor of retaining customer, enhance customer loyalty, referral and expand the customer base is the effective and proper usage of customer database.


One of Armitage’s customers is a famous insurance broker company, which possesses more than ten thousand customer contacts. In order to apply the customer database effectively, this company has installed Microsoft Dynamics CRM in this year and assigned Armitage as the project consultant. The aim of introducing CRM is to storage the customer data systematically and share in both Microsoft Outlook and smartphone. Also, send out the specific messages and greetings, such as e-birthday card, to her customers periodically to enhance the interaction and loyalty of the customers.


Another Armitage’s CRM customer is a Singapore listed investment company, which set up power stations in China. The company is aware of the importance of relationship management especially with investors, by introducing Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage and analyze investor’s investment behaviors, interests, risk assessment, and to record all correspondences with each investor such as emails, meeting minutes etc. Having such analysis, the Company can classify those investors into different groups and send them the specific event invitation or eDM to attract their interests and keep a close relationship.


The above references share that keeping a good management of customer relationship is the essential element to reduce operating costs, enhance enterprise competitiveness and maximize the benefit.