Cultivating Loyal Customers with AIRM

Deploying Membership Program is one of the common methods that merchants use to cultivate customers and turn them into “Loyal Customers”.  Nevertheless, the interpretation of “membership program” from consumers and merchants are quite contradict. 


In terms of consumers, they concern about convenience and freedom of choice, privacy of personal data, actual benefits received from merchants’, etc.  From merchants’ perspective, they concern how to recruit new members, customer retention, big data analysis,  and how to provide different offers a huge number of members.


In recent, Armitage has successfully implemented a Membership Management Program named “AIRM” (Artificial Intelligence Relationship Manager) for an international skincare brand. 


Brand owner always find difficult to attain end consumer personal data as those data were captured by retailers and would not disclose to others. With the assistant on AIRM, it helps end consumer to get engaged with brand owner so that direct sales channel would be established. 


After the deployment of AiRM chatbot, the procedure of membership registration journey became “PAINLESS”.  Customers only need to scan QR code with their mobile phone to complete the membership registration.  Members earn credit/point by uploading receipt via WhatsApp.  AiRM allows members to check their membership history or earn reward through AIRM chatbot. 


This AI Relationship Manager (AiRM) operates 7X24 via whatsapp, it includes a rule-based engine which handles numerous customers enquiry, reminders, alert, e.t.c. and does not figure. So that brand owner would not miss any chance on taking care their customers in special events or promotions. 



If you want to know more about AiRM, please do not hesitate to contact our sales representative.



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