Armitage’s Edge Computer Vision Benefits to Public Event on Crowd Management

Crowding increases the risks of diseases’ spread such as COVID 19 and Influenza.  We previously saw numerous public events’ cancellation, and many restrictions were imposed in order to restrain the outbreak of virus.  Nevertheless, “The show must go on”, even though fighting virus has become the long-run activity.


Therefore, crowd management is absolutely essential for public events, such as sport events, concert, museums, festival events, exhibition, and so on.


Armtiage’s Edge Computer Vision is beneficial to public event on crowd management, that help event organizers monitoring venue condition and instantly counting people at the venue.  It reveals the data of people’s entrances, exits and dwell in Real-Time.  Such data and results will be transmitted to data platform via wireless network.


Armtiage’s Edge Computer Vision is easy and fast to deploy.  It is not a hardware-depended solution.  Most commodity cameras with acceptable resolution can be used (which means that you may use your existing camera).  Simply set cameras at the entrances and exits in the venue, cameras could be deployed in portable mount or removable tent.  Besides, our solution can be deployed in-door and out-door under different weather conditions and locations.


Additionally, the Real-Time data collected by our edge computer vision facilitates event organizers to allocate manpower based on actual people flow.  Event organizers can also share those data to related parties for better crowd management.


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