Armitage’s Participation on “LOGTECH Expo 2022” by HKPC

“LOGTECH Expo 2022” by HKPC was held on 28 & 29 November 2022 at HKPC.  This expo aimed to demonstrate the latest logistics solutions and government funding policies for local logistics SMEs on digital transformation.


Armitage was invited to be one of exhibitors to showcase our solutions for various logistics SMEs and related government bureaus.  It was a great occasion for us to exchange ideas, understand the needs, and simulate better thinking on how improve logistics operation and workflow.


The primary logistics solutions that Armitage brought to “LOGTECH Expo 2022” included:


In the guided tour during the expo, many guests showed interest in Armitage’s logistics solutions.  We were thrilled to having Miss Pamela Lam’s (Deputy Secretary for Transportation and Logistics 5) presence in the expo and idea exchange with us.  This was definitely a valuable talk!


Mr. Alvin Lee, CEO of Armitage, was invited to be one of the speakers for seminar in LOGTECH Expo 2022, and he shared to audiences with Armitage’s logistics solution with application, and successful cases.