Playing a Speaker Role for “Digital Academy’s Workshop: Snatch Your Business in 2023”


On 21 November 2022 (Monday), Mr. Alvin Lee, CEO of Armitage, was invited as the speaker for the captioned seminar held by Digital Academy from HKTDC.  The seminar aimed to share the perspectives of future market tendency, new way of marketing strategies, and technologies on how to cultivate loyal customers with AI application.


For the part of customer cultivation, Mr. Lee emphasized that loyal customers are the crucial assets to merchants / brands.  Customer retention is definitely the next stage after attracting new customers, and the way we nurture customer must fit with the modern consumer behaviour.  Although mobile app is the common tool for merchants to retain customers, most of consumers would not download any new app for redemption in purpose.


Upon the seminar, Mr. Lee has shared a successful case of AiRM (Artificial Intelligence Relationship Manager). One of the large international skincare brand has deployed our AiRM solution to constantly take care of her numerous customers via WhatsApp around-the-clock.  AiRM includes the rule-based engine which the AI helps the skincare brand to handle numerous customers' enquiries simultaneously, automatically send reminders to customers about redemption expiry dategoods replenishment or seasonal discount, etc, so as to enhance customer stickiness and loyalty to the brand.


The audiences showed their enthusiasm and interest about the seminar with significant content.  Speakers and participants both enjoyed it so much and both of them found meaningfulness during the interaction.



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