Armitage Awarded ESG Recognition of “Sustainable Technology Award 2022” by Inno ESG

This is very happy to announce that Armitage received the ESG award of “Sustainable Technology Award 2022” by InnoESG.


“ESG” stands for “Environmental”, “Social” and “Governance”, and it is a term that uses three central factors captioned to evaluate companies on how far advanced they are with sustainability.



  • The contribution that a company makes to climate change through greenhouse carbon emissions, along with waste management and energy efficiency.



  • Include human rights, labor standards in the supply chain, any exposure to illegal child labor, and more routine issues such as adherence to workplace health and safety.



  • Refers to a set of rules or principles defining rights, responsibilities and expectations between different stakeholders in the governance of corporations.


This award recognizes that Armitage has demonstrated clear and measurable results of achieving particular ESG goals, meet a demonstrated need, have appropriate contribution to the sustainable development goals, and are clearly aligned with sustainable future.


Armitage will be striving to make continuous contribution to society and provide support to various industries / sectors in respect of “ESG” development.


About InnoESG Prize

InnoESG Prize is a Signature Recognitions of ESG and aims to provide an ​Independent platform for companies to ​boost People-Centric ESG.