One of the Few Local IT Company Obtaining ESG Award - “Sustainable Technology Award 2022” from InnoESG Prize

Armitage received ESG award at “4th InnoESG Prize Presentation & ESG Forum Cum ESG Expo 2023”, namely the “Sustainable Technology Award 2022”.  We are honored to be one of the very few IT company which obtains ESG award in Hong Kong.


This award is a testament to Armitage’s commitment to reducing environmental impact, contributing effort in corporate social responsibility, and making governance best practice throughout our operation.




Armitage’s AIoT is supportive solution for organization’s ESG implementation.   Our AIoT helps organization make more informed decision about energy use, leading to lower energy consumption and carbon emission.  Armitage’s AIoT also plays a role in resulting a better, safer and securer workplace, by providing real-time monitoring and alerts in which help to identify potential hazard before they occur.


2022 marks Armitage’s 50 years of establishment.  Since the establishment 50 years ago, Armitage has put forward the core value of “Trustworthy”, “Continuous Improvement”, “Team Spirit”, “Proactive”, and “Perseverance” to help Armitage stayed motivated.


Standing at the new starting point of 50 of establishment, Armitage will continuously strive to strengthen our core businesses, deepen innovation, join hands with customers & partners to make contribution to society on “Environmental”, “Society” and “Governance”, which make our vision come true – “Become an IT centennial company in local industry”.


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