Enhancing Worksite Safety with Edge AI Computer Vision

Ensuring worksite safety has always been the most important concern for all industries, especially for high-risk industries such as construction site.  Edge AI computer vision plays the critical role that visual intelligence plays in creating safe working environment.


Armitage’s edge AI computer vision take worksite safety to new heights while safeguarding businesses’ workforce.  Our solutions empower businesses to proactively identify hazards, monitor safety compliance, prevent accidents, and detect trespass. 


  • Real-Time Hazard Detection

By harnessing the power of edge AI computer vision algorithms, our cutting-edge solutions enable real-time hazard detection.  Our systems accurately identify & track objects, machinery, and personnel, alerting staff to potential risks and unauthorized access to restrict areas.  This proactive approach empowers businesses to swiftly intervene and prevent accidents before they occur.


  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Compliance

Our edge AI computer vision can recognize and ensure compliance with PPE requirements.  With precise identification of safety gear such as hard hats, safety vests, and goggles, our solutions provide real-time feedback and alerts to ensure that workers are adequately protected. 



  • Fall Detection 

By deep learning our edge AI computer vision is enabled to detect & identify human’s fall action and distinguish similar behavior to reduce misjudgment, so as to achieve the purpose of immediate return and reduce the number of manual patrols.


  • Trespass Detection

Unauthorized access to worksites poses a significant safety concern.  Our edge AI computer vision includes trespass detection capabilities, enabling early identification of intruders and unauthorized personnel.  By promptly alerting security teams to potential trespassing incidents, our solutions help prevent security breaches and ensure pa secure and safe worksite environment.


  • Intelligent Video Analytics

Our edge AI computer vision goes beyond real-time monitoring.  By analyzing video footage from surveillance camera, we can identify unsafe behaviors, non-compliance with safety protocols, and trespassing incidents.  This valuable insight helps businesses identify training needs, enforce safety regulations, maintain worksite security, and continuously improve worksite safety practices.


By leveraging the power of visual intelligence, we empower businesses to proactively mitigate risks, enhance worker protection, detect trespassers, and create safer work environments. As Armitage’s edge AI computer vision complies with Sustainable Development Goal no. 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities, our solution will significantly make contribution to businesses’ success in ESG performance.


Contact Armitage to explore how our edge AI computer vision can transform worksite safety for your organization.


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