Armitage Successfully Awarded “Happy Company 10+” Label

Armitage has been honored with the prestigious “Happy Company 10+” award.  This is award reflects Armitage's commitment to fostering an environment where employee happiness and well-being are paramount.


The “Happy Company 10+” award is a testament to Armitage’s dedication to nurturing a workplace culture that promotes “Care”, “Intelligence”, “Fortitude” and “Motivation”, and overall happiness.  Presented by “Happiness at Work Promotional Scheme”, this esteemed accolade recognizes Armitage that we prioritize our employees’ well-being, creating an environment where individuals thrive both personally and professionally.


This award also recognizes Armitage’s effort in creating a positive workplace culture that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.  Armitage values our employee’s unique contribution and promotes an environment where differences are embraced, fostering creativity and innovation.


Armitage will continue to build a cheerful and friendly work environment for our employees and contribute to enhancing Hong Kong’s “Happiness at Work”.


About “Happiness-At-Work” Promotion Scheme

“Happiness-at-Work” Promotional Scheme has been carried out by both “Promoting Happiness Index Foundation” and “Chinese Manufacturers’ association of Hong Kong” for 12th year.  In the past, over 700+ organizations successfully receive the award of “Happy Company 5+” or “10+” for consecutive years of their participation.   It proofs that the scheme is well recognized in the society.