Armitage’s CEO awarded “Shenzhen, Hong Kong, & Macau Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs” – Expand ESG Solution in AIoT

Mr. Alvin Lee, CEO of Armitage, was awarded “Shenzhen, Hong Kong, & Macau Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs” by “SZ-HK-Macau Talent Exchange and Mutual Qualification Recognition Committee”.  This award recognizes his individually as well as the effort of Armitage’s team for making achievement in AIoT.


Over the past few years, Alvin has endeavored in promoting AIoT application in various sectors with the ESG principle to achieve sustainable development goal.  In addition, Mr. Lee led Armitage with the SDG certification with Goal no.11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities).  The ESG solution of AIoT provided by Armitage help businesses perform in intelligent, efficient, and energy-saving way while also addressing social and environmental concerns.


AIoT plays an important role for enterprise in achieving sustainable development and ESG goals.  AIoT not only enhance business’s productivity and efficiency as well as resource conservation, but also optimize supply chain process, improve quality control and reduce pollution.  With AIoT, business can develop more effective environmental sustainability strategies by monitoring and managing energy consumption, waste / carbon emissions, and other indicators related to the environment.


Armitage’s mission is to promote sustainable development by providing high-quality ESG solution to wide range of industries.  With our continuous enhancement and improvement, Armitage will play a significant role in the AIoT field and create value for both our client and society in sustainable development.




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