Showcasing AIoT Solutions at LSCM Logistics Summit 2023

Armitage had the honor of participating in LSCM Logistics Summit 2023 on 11 Oct, showcasing our AIoT Solutions to visitors at Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.  The summit was the great chance for us to share our AIoT solutions and connect with potential customers and partners.




Our AIoT solutions combine the power of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Thing to create integrated system that enhance efficiency, productivity and safety.  We demonstrated our diverse AIoT application in a variety of industries including but not limited to government, public service, and commercial sector.




We would like to thank everyone who visited our booth and express interest in our AIoT solutions.  Grateful to have the opportunity of networking with industrial leaders and experts at the summit.  Collaboration and knowledge sharing are essential for driving innovation and progress forward, and we are look forward to continuing to innovate and contribute the dedicated AIoT solutions to society.







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