Technology has become an integral part of our lives. Advances in machine learning have allowed us to create systems that can automate tasks through constant learning.  Computing capability comes from ability to reliably, efficiently and accurately analyse huge volumes of data without fatigue.


Armitage’s data scientists make use of various AI tools to analysis data collected from your business to find patterns and anomalies. From Manufacturing to Retail to Transportation & Logistics Sectors, Armitage is capable of applying powerful AI technology to take your business to the next level of advancement.

Armitage offers Cloud Hosting Services. You can pick Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure cloud according to your preference.

Armitage’s Cloud Hosting Service allows enterprises to centralize your data from multiple platforms, and keep historical versions of all your important files. It makes cross-site collaboration easy, at the same time securing a copy of your data off-site.


Companies outsource primarily to cut costs. But with Armitage, it is also reaping the benefits of supplementing your existing team and giving you instant access to the growth support. 

With 49+ years of history and experience, Armitage allows enterprises’ flexibility to cope with business expansion with our outsourcing services. Saves you the costs of hiring, retaining, and other related Human Resources, allowing focus on your core business operation, save on infrastructure, and increase efficiency. 

Regular IT maintenance to your business is crucial to stability of business and production. A well maintained IT system operation eliminates any technology roadblocks, which hampers productivity and aggravate support costs.

Armitage gives careful thoughts to your business data lifecycle and handling. Armitage offers  single point of contact for every account so that you can enjoy the highest level of customer service and support 7/24  securely and responsibly.  Our work ranges from Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) to meticulous levels of service set out to ensure sustainable warranty to your software; on-site support; network; and cloud system. 


The compatibility of a product or service should function in a complete manner to deliver its value, as promised. IT Testing Services for any projects eliminates failures and malfunctions so as to reap maximum cost effectiveness. 

Armitage offers system and software testing services along the development life cycle. Our team will prepare test strategies and plans based on your requirements and specifications, and will provide relevant test cases and testing execution, and conduct defect reporting and tracking.


Information Technology can be a daunting venture to get your business into, our experts with a robust portfolio of the subject short-cut your way into the world of IT.  Leveraging IT in your business environment is no longer an imagination.

Armitage offers a variety of high quality IT consulting services for solving Business & System Analysis: such as IT Long Term Planning, System Implementation and Supervision, Quality Assurance, Training... you name it, Armitage got it... Your business goals are to be realized with precision and quality.

Armitage possesses a strong background on IT projects development offering services in various domain areas while using a variety of technologies including HTML 5, jQuery, Java, Swift, XCode IDE, SQL, Oracle, and many more...

Armitage collaborates with you side by side. Armitage unites creates vision and gets everybody on the same page to stay on track for success. Solutions are customized according to your demand, while providing ongoing customer services including IT maintenance, IT support and enhancements post-project.