AI Scope Pro

Brand New Intelligent Solution of Edge Computer Vision


AI Scope Pro is a mobilizable high-pole surveillance device with edge computer vision that promises to revolutionize the workplace by providing real-time data insights with the help of AI Technology.


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  • Crowd Management / People Counting
    Surveillance for pedestrian / traffic flow, fluxion of occupancy level;
    Classify gender and age range of the crowd in the venue.

  • Construction Site
    Detect and alerting workers without adequate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and people staying near to huge machine;
    Detect any trespass to restrictive / danger zone

  • Reduce Illegal and Detained Car Parking
    Monitor and record traffic circumstance and car type & plate recognition;
    Identify unusual case (e.g. car’s entry to restricted area and overtime dwelling in a given place)

  • Concrete Peeling
    Detect concrete peeling at an early stage, before it becomes extensive and leads to more serious damage;
    Quantify the extent of concrete peeling, providing a more objective and accurate assessment than manual inspections.

  • Motion Detection
    Identify abnormal behavior or activities such as staying at an area for unusual dwell time, object’s fast movement, running with overspeed, or fighting, etc.



  • Reduce human intervention and errors in by accurate and real-time data provided
  • Identify patterns and trends in data, which can help businesses make smarter decision, reduce cost & increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Optimize manpower allocation and release staff for other tasks and increase productivity
  • High flexibility that users can easily move the device around the workplace without proceeding the re-installation.


The case video of AI Scope Pro


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