Publish Date: 16 April 2011

AIMS Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP) system has been launched by Armitage since 2003. For the past several years, Armitage has put efforts and resources to continuously develop and upgrade the product. Apart from getting the recognition from our customers, Armitage is pleased to share our joyfulness that awarded Hong Kong ICT Awards 2011: Best Professional Development (Other Professional) Bronze Award.

AIMS Enterprise Operation Training Platform is designed for companies with head office in Hong Kong and manufacturing and distribution hubs in Mainland China. The platform aims to train end-users of operational management in effectively controlling the flow of data, materials and cash. The platform includes 12 sophisticated training modules that simulate the detail working steps and situations of various daily operations in a manufacturing-based environment.

A team of professional judging panel commented that a certain percentage of failure of ERP system is owing to the lack of ERP concepts and operational knowledge of the end-users of the ERP system. “To fill up the gap, the platform is providing comprehensive training materials in order to uplift the professional standards of using ERP of all related staff before the ERP system to be implemented.”

More information on the Awards winners, grand judging panels and the participating leading organisations are available on the website of the Hong Kong ICT Awards (

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