Publish Date: 11 April 2012

In respond to the Green ICT supported by government, “Fleet Safety and Energy Saving Management System” (FMS) has been launched successfully by Armitage. Apart from getting the recognition from our customers, Armitage is pleased to share our joyfulness that FMS has been awarded the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012: Best Green ICT (Innovation) Silver Award.

FMS covers two biggest topics for enterprises to concern with nowadays: safety and energy saving. FMS combines robust technologies such as RFID, GPS and GPRS plus innovative application functionalities for fleet operators and owners.

The team of professional judging panel commented that “this vehicle management system captures fleet motion data with impressive usability. It combines RFID, GPS and GPRS technologies seamlessly into one system. Apart from facilitating better fleet management, the system encourages safe driving as well as reduces fuel consumption. The system offers a practical ICT solution to a real life situation with market potential.

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