Armitage Technologies Limited has won many awards in the “Partner Employer Award” program for many years. It has been awarded the “Certificate of Outstanding Enterprise” in 2014/15 and has been awarded the Certificate of Merit for 3 years. With 4 years of this outstanding corporate reputation, the company is constantly striving to nurture new people and give prospective job opportunities.

In the award ceremony of the " Partner Employer Award " program on October 25, 2019, I am very pleased that the company has once again won the 5th year of 2019/2020 [Certificate of Outstanding Enterprise 5+] and is in line with the qualifications of outstanding companies. In the past year, it has continued to support the employment or internship of local graduates so that they can accumulate work experience and foster a positive working attitude to enhance their competitiveness in the market.

Through our recruitment, let the youngest and most promising people join our elite team, and integrate talents with different talents to enable them to develop their strengths. In this way, we will convey the information of Hong Kong enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities and build a harmonious society.

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