Company Updates 2015


With Armitage’s philosophy “Innovating Excellent User Experience” in mind, we are pleased to invite our loyal customer of 17 years, the leader in the industry of mattress making, Airland Mattress, to share their experience using Armitage’s solutions.

Photo of Mr. Ray Choy, General Manager of Airland Mattress and 
Ms. Rebecca Yuen, Customer Service Manager of Armitage


Putting customers first has always been Airland Mattress’s top priority, and they are committed in developing high-quality mattress and bedding for every family in the market. Similarly, Armitage understands the stability and user-friendliness of a computer system is vital to ensure smooth and efficient business process in every industry. As an avid user of Armitage’s solutions, there seems to be no one better than Airland Mattress’s Administrative Officer, Miss Florence Li, to explain why.  

"Throughout these years, the system has been stable, fast, and running smoothly. It is designed from users’ perspective, making it very easy to use and adaptive to local culture and language. In terms of usability, you can easily access everything in just a few clicks.” Other than that, the system features a Hong Kong Chinese characters library that enables users to input Hong Kong-specific words in the ”address” section and allows internal communication with mainlander colleague at the same time, thus enhances the efficiency. "Besides, we can always get hold of Armitage’s customer service representative when problems or questions arose. Armitage’s after-sales service is exceptional."


Mr. Ray Choy, General Manager of Airland Mattress, said: "Airland Mattress has been in Hong Kong for nearly 50 years, we continuously strive for improvement and upgrade the quality of our products so as to align to our goal – Quality is the Only Priority. To adhere to our growth and expansion, we change constantly with time to improve our service to customers and internal management for business efficiency. We also actively expand the younger generation market segment."

To further enhance operations efficiency, Airland mattress upgraded Armitage’s system last year. Mr. Choy added, "We have been using Armitage’s system consistently because it is compatible for companies which have businesses in both China and Hong Kong like us. It is the ideal solutions for those have offices located here and factories in the PRD. With the upgrade of the system, workflow efficiency is optimized as we are able to process work orders and delivery orders faster and generate more detailed analysis reports. "

 airland3 World Branding Awards airland4 World Branding Awards

Approaching its 50th anniversary milestone next year, Airland Mattress is able to maintain, for 22 consecutive years, its position as the best seller in mattresses in Hong Kong. The brand’s quality-focus proposition won for it countless awards such as the latest World Branding Awards 2015 - Brand of the Year, Hong Kong Top Brand Award, Readers’ Digest Trusted Brand Award, Hong Kong Q-Mark Scheme Award, and the Hong Kong Safety Mark Accreditation, to name a few.

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