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Armitage Technologies ventures into IOT for Hong Kong’s largest container terminal

Armitage Technologies recently deployed for our client, one of the world's largest container terminal ports, a 7x24 real-monitoring system at their container terminal. The system, which also includes installing a specially designed device on its 700 internal tractors, helps to monitor the vehicles and in the case of traffic jams or delays, notifies their staff to act and respond quickly to avoid delay, thereby enhancing work efficiency.

Since certain areas of the container terminal is regarded as private area and cannot be shown on Google maps or other public maps, part of the challenge lies in that we must accurately depict a digital map containing all the details. In addition, we also deployed the latest Swiss technology - M8U (virtual deck reckoning) to project and calculate the indoor position. Other technologies applied include FALCOM Global Positioning System (GPS) and 3G communication.



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