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ASA Tiles Deploys Armitage’s CRM System to help Enhance Business Efficiency

Armitage Technologies has recently deployed for our client, one of the biggest ceramic tile company in Greater China Region ASA Tiles, Armitage’s CRM system.

ASA chose Armitage’s CRM system, which lies as part of our TacticsX Ecosystem, mainly because it can easily manage all activities with an easy-to-use user interface and beautiful design. According to the normal practice in the tiles industry, sales will take with them sample tiles and models to client meetings which incur costs, which is why ASA picked Armitage’s CRM – our sales module allows detailed activity description that can even include prices and costs for account department to keep record of, and the Dashboard function can list out all to-dos and completed tasks, enabling easy and efficient reference checking effortlessly anywhere anytime.

Armitage’s TacticsX Ecosystem consists of other modules on top of the aforementioned CRM such as Ordering System, Membership system, as well as IoT solutions that can integrate with retailers’ existing online shops or POS system, syncing all data across platforms seamlessly for further analysis to make better business decisions.

Established only a year later than Armitage in 1973 in Taiwan, ASA Building Materials is one of the largest tiles company in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Publicly listed in Singapore in 1998, ASA was chosen as Shanghai’s top 500 highest income generator in 1996 and has also been The China Top 500 brands for 5 consecutive years since 2009.

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