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Armitage Implements EAM and Online Food Ordering System for Café de Coral

As a well-known local brand, Café de Coral is no doubt an undisputed market leader in Hong Kong’s fast-food and catering industry. Since first opening its doors for business, it has successfully transformed from a tiny, home-grown enterprise into a giant, diversified multi-national corporation, clearly demonstrating to everyone what “Hong Kong spirit” is.

Having over 330 operating units in Hong Kong and 120 outlets in China, how to maintain quality and safe foods is crucial to its business, which is why the group has employed a central food processing center as early as the 1980s. The center enables streamlined standardization of food quality and ensures total control over an ever-increasing volume and range of products and ingredients, yet without the help of a strong and stable system this would not be possible, which is where Armitage comes into play. Our Enterprise Asset Management is able to help client manage equipment assets, schedule preventive and corrective maintenance works, as well as manages warehouse, generates purchasing requests, and produces operation and management reports. With the system, instead of doing things manually, the Group is now able to focus on monitoring the quality of the food comprehensively and ensure that the food distributed to its restaurants can comply with all safety and hygiene checks.

Incorporated in 1968, Café de Coral is one of Asia’s largest publicly listed restaurant and catering groups, principally engaged in operating quick-service and specialty restaurant chains. The group now covers over 330 operating units in Hong Kong and 120 outlets in Mainland China serving around 300,000 customers per day. To ensure food quality and to streamline production, their food processing plant has been moved to Tai Po in 2013 and upgraded to a 140,000-square foot state-of-the-art center. The launch of this new Central Food Processing Centre will measurably enhance its control of food quality and overall productivity.

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