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Case Sharing: Designing a Mobile Medical Portal for AS Watson
As mobile phones become more and more of a necessity for city dwellers, an increasing number of large-scale corporates are now developing mobiles applications for internal and external use. Watsons, Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer, recently invited Armitage Technologies to design for them a mobile medical portal for their 12,000 employees plus their family members to enquire anywhere, anytime, the number of panel doctors’ consultations they have remaining, as well as their outstanding medical claim amount.

Being Armitage’s long-term client of over 10 years, we have also previously developed for Watsons the Compensation and Benefits System used by its Group Human Resource department. Putting costs and systems stability into our consideration, our development team decided to connect the internal medical claim system and the mobile app, greatly boosting work efficiency. Not only workflow is streamlined and costs resulting from human error can be reduced, the friendly and easy-to-use design for the apps means everyone can easily use the portal without the need to go through a painful and long learning process.

With over 220 stores in Hong Kong and Macau, Watsons is Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer. It currently operates over 6,000 stores – more than 1,500 of which are pharmacies, in 12 Asian and European markets, including China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, Turkey and Ukraine.

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