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Case Study: Designing and Implementing Cathay Pacific’s Crew Control System

Logistics has always been a major pillar of Armitage Technologies business, and one past case study is Cathay Pacific, one of the largest air carriers in the world.

The project took place in the mid 2000’s and lasted for around 6 years. Armitage was responsible to revamp and re-develop the Crew Control System (CCS) for Cathay Pacific, which manages its crews’ ad hoc changes due to plane or service disruptions. CCS was designed for airline to plan, track, manage, and recover crew. With the new system, the airline giant would be able to enhance its decision support capability and improve the speed and accuracy of its crew tracking.

Partnering with Fujitsu, Armitage was involved in the whole project cycle from Project Definition Study (PDS), Detailed Requirement Specifications and Tender preparation, System design, development, and implementation; deliver requirement collection and analysis, as well as maintenance services. Due to the vast amount of data (crew members) involved, a detailed design process is necessary. With the new CSS that replaced Cathay’s previous in-house, text-based mainframe system, crew management, which was getting increasingly complex due to legal and industrial regulations, is now much more efficiently and effectively managed.

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