Success Stories

HKVEPHong Kong Vocational English Program (HKVEP) provides a locally and internationally recognized system and framework for the development, assessment and certification of vocational English in Hong Kong. Aiming to enhance the practical English skills of the Hong Kong workforce, HKVEP works with course providers, such as IVE, Youth College, British Council and so on, for English language courses benchmarked to the program. Over 25,000 students each year take English language modules and assessments, and the program is accredited by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry International Qualifications (LCCI). Facing tremendous number of attending students and benchmarking courses to the HKVEP each year, the Student Records System (SRS) has been developed to import and process courses data and results of students. SRS handles the benchmarking fee paid by students, views and prints students result by given criteria, and exports data for LCCI to print certificates.

Armitage was awarded to develop the SRS on December 2011 for Phase I and on August 2013 for Phase II enhancement. Backing with Armitage project management methodology and software development framework, the project has been successfully delivered within schedule and quality. "Thank you very much for your team on the development of the SRS. We are all happy that the project is launched successfully though there were some difficulties encountered during the UAT, Armitage's effort is highly appreciated", stated by Ms. Miranda Ho, Officer of HKVEP Unit.

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