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Designing an App for Hong Kong’s Travel Agency Jubilee

Established for over 30 years and being one of the longest history travel agency in Hong Kong, Jubilee International Tour Centre provides various transportation and travel agency services, as well as transporting Hong Kong citizens from remote areas to city centres daily. As Hong Kong people become more and more tech-savvy, Jubilee recently invited Armitage Technologies to design and develop a mobile application for their coach services.

With the objective of facilitating end-to-end information flow that provide real-time updates to all parties including the Head-office, Customer Management Office (CMO), drivers, and passengers, we designed the app to consist of 4 major components-- the Back-end System, a Driver App, CMO Web System, and the Passenger App. Supporting both Android and iOS, the passenger app named TransportLIFE provides bus schedules and real-time status of shuttle buses for passengers, whilst the Android-based Driver app allows drivers to review daily job orders, collect driving information such as departure and arrival time, number of passengers, and mileage etc. To ensure a seamless customer experience for Jubilee’s passengers, their CMO needs to make sure buses are on time, which is where the web-based system comes into play -- the system allows the CMO to review the shuttle bus status anywhere, anytime. Finally, the back-end system maintains all major parameters, collect job orders data from Jubilee’s Internal Ordering System and appoint them to respective drivers, and gather real-time data from drivers and buses.

With the new app, buses became even more punctual, and the flow of information allows passengers to check real-time schedules, thus further enhancing the customer experience for Jubilee’s customers and fulfilling their “Service quality is our Integrity” corporate mission.

The app is available for download in below link for free now:

Download iOS version here
TransportLIFE App StoreQR Code

Download Android version here

TransportLIFE Google Play QR Code

Jubilee app 1  Jubilee app 2
Passengers' Side App
Jubilee drivers app 2  Jubilee drivers app 1
Driver's Side App

Jubilee driver job list
Back-end system

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