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GPS solve the fleet management problem

Publish Date: 13 June 2013

One of our reputable customers, being the well-established Digital Printing and Outdoor Advertising Production Company in Hong Kong, which provides banner on external wall, transit body advertising, bus station advertising, light box advertising, stickers in shopping mall and event decoration production, has full awareness of the importance of asset and fleet management. To cope with business growth, the Company has built their own fleet to provide one-stop service to customers. However, the initial setting had been suffering difficulties to manage and monitor the fleet, no real-time vehicle information or delivery status, while the arrangement of fieldworkers was not flexible and dynamic. As a result, it failed to take the fleet competitive advantages.

To solve the above-mentioned problems, the Company has acquired ecTrak Location Based Platform last year. Playing the role as project consultancy, Armitage has provided the GPS and cloud service to the Company. The Company’s fieldworkers use handheld devices to record and upload real-time work scheduling, which will alert the related department and allow the management to keep track and monitor the vehicle location, delivery and installation status. Then the Company can initiatively report the job latest situation to the customers, in order to improve service quality and arrange the ad-hoc work more flexibly.


Meanwhile, the Company has implemented AIMS ERP System to integrate and streamline the entire business process. Such integration enhances the financial management, quotation and order management, and even customer relationship management, and finally optimizes the operation efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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