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Publish Date: 20 June 2012

In line with the rise of new media, including various forms of online services, many companies have set up company websites, and even set up online shops to expand the online business. In addition to quality products, effective marketing strategy and user-friendly interface design, another key factor to the success of online shop is the business process management that many companies may overlook.

The majority of Armitage’s new customers in recent months operate their own online shops, including different industries such as mobile phone accessories, ornaments, foods and other electronic products. They are facing the same problems: rapid development of business, but incapable to deal effectively with the huge number of orders every day, no real-time financial reporting nor accurate inventory data… They all want to optimize business processes through information technology systems to improve efficiency, accuracy and real-time management. They have chosen our enterprise resources management system (AIMS ERP System) to integrate with their online shop platform and the entire business process. Such integration can enhance the procurement of goods, quotation records, order tracking, inventory data and even customer relationship management, and finally optimize the corporate effectiveness of resources and core competencies.

Information technology solutions play an important role in the enterprise business processes by coping the ever changing business requirements with less effort.

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