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Kao HK Implements Armitage’s Membership and Loyalty System to Enhance Customer Loyalty

Armitage Technologies recently deployed for world-known Japanese FMCG brand Kao’s counterpart in Hong Kong, KAO Professional Salon Services (KPSS), our Membership and Loyalty System. The system, deployed and went live in Q1 2019, could help Kao enhance customer loyalty.

With the explosion of information nowadays, locking in customers is not an easy task. It is imperative for retailers to secure customer loyalty which can be done simply with the help of technology. KPSS chose Armitage’s Membership and Loyalty System because it is a cost-effective solution yet powerful enough to meet the needs of its thousands of customers - hair salons in this case - who needs to procure Goldwell, a well-known German hair products brand distributed by Kao. These salons can easily check via app/web anytime anywhere their purchase history and accumulate points for redemption of gifts, which helps in securing and driving customer loyalty.

Armitage’s Membership and Loyalty System is a simple, easy to use design with a beautiful interface that simplifies the entire process to meets the needs of large and small retailers by building a membership program that can be customized and deployed without breaking the bank. Compatible on web and mobile, it can easily integrate with different tools to collect data and customized dashboards to present to you detailed information about your members, revenue and health of your business, thereby helping you set more accurate business metrics, products promotions, and pricing strategies, all at your fingertips.

Established in 1887 by Mr. Tomiro Nagase, Kao Corporation started selling American premium soap and local Japanese soap and stationary. The first made-in-Japan soap Kao produced was in 1923, when they established their own factory, the Urawacho Plant (now the Tokyo Plant), to start mass production of soap and glycerin for the production of high-quality soap. Kao Hong Kong was established in the 70’s due to the increase in demand for Kao’s products. Today, Kao Hong Kong sells over 20 well-known including household cleaning products, personal care products, physiological products and chemical raw materials.   
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