Success Stories

The leading biotechnology company in Hong Kong Successfully Implementing AIMS ERP System

The leading biotechnology company in Hong Kong whose business focuses mainly on Molecular Diagnostics (biotechnology products). Offering a range of solutions related to RNA and DNA analysis, their products and services include prenatal diagnosis, genetic testing, parentage investigation, cancer testing and infectious disease identification. It is a global leader in flow-through hybridization technology.

“We have considered both local and overseas vendors during our ERP selection process under a set of rigorous criteria for evaluation. Although the system from a global vendor is very good, it is not cost justifiable to a SME like us. During the process, we put into consideration the price and functionality of the ERP system, as well as our own production scale. Given its rather competitive price, AIMS ERP System is a comprehensive system that can fit our production scale, yet possesses the flexibility to meet our actual needs. Armitage, with over 40 years of experience and its branches in Southern China, has the capability to support our future expansion into mainland China. After the implementation of the AIMS ERP System, our operational efficiency is enhanced and we can generate different analysis reports accurately and effectively. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Armitage’s Project Team for their support to diligently solve the problems we encountered. ” said Dr. Paul Cheung, Production Manager of the Company.

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