Success Stories

Publish Date: 16 October 2012

There is a Chinese motto, “To repair the house before it rains (未雨綢繆)”. This emphases the importance of preventive maintenance. Industrial experts also state that proper manage, maintain and track corporate assets can get the benefits of improvement in labor productivity, lowered inventory costs, better assets availability and reduction in new equipment costs.

One of our reputable customers, being the largest supplier of building materials to the construction industry in Hong Kong, has full awareness of the importance of asset management. The Company has acquired Infor EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) system last year, with Armitage as the project consultancy. Armitage implemented Infor MP2 software for the Company to keep track the operational efficiency, preventive maintenance schedule, work orders, and spare-parts inventory for the production lines of concrete and the fleet of mixer trucks. The project has been successfully completed while the Company could enjoy the overall cost reduction and enhance the growing capacity.

In Hong Kong, Armitage has also implemented the same EAM system in beverage manufacturer, dockyard, facility management companies, hotels, service apartments, broadcasting company, energy-service provider, and so on.

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