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Following the articles in our previous newsletters covering cross-border e-Commerce, everyone should already have a preliminary picture on the topic, its import tax rates, and what opportunity it meant for Hong Kong manufacturers. This month in our third article of the series, we will be sharing a successful case study for you to have a deeper understanding on the topic.

For Hong Kong brands or OBM manufacturers that view cross-border e-commerce as a stepping stone into China’s tremendous consumer market, the first and foremost step, of course, is to find a partner that is familiar with the cross-border e-commerce mechanism and can assist you in integrating your entire supply chain. There are a variety of online platforms to sell on such as Taobao T-mall,, to name a few, or you can even start your own e-shop or WeChat shop. As for selecting your I.T. partner, it is imperative to choose one that possesses the capability to connect your system to the Chinese customs, because only by doing so could your goods be delivered to the hands of your buyers in the shortest amount of time. The complicated protocol of the Chinese customs is a widely known fact, and if your system failed to process real-time customs clearance, it could delay your shipping, lower customers’ expectations and subsequently your online rating.

A recent success case to share is that one of the top wine and spirits wholesaler and distributor in Southern China has approached us recently to develop an Order Management System (OMS) with the necessary API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate their e-shop, cross-border e-commerce system, payment system, and warehouse management system. This OMS has to be connected to Chinese customs to process “Three Instant Receipts Clearance” (三單對碰) – the first receipt being the e-shop’s purchase order (for example Tmall’s or your own e-shop’s purchase orders), the second being payments done with payment gateways such as Alipay, WeChat Pay, or PayPal, and the third, shipment orders connected to third-party logistics companies such as SF Express or EMS. Once a buyer click the “buy” button, our platform can automatically notify and synchronize information between the 3 separate gateways to process instant payment, shipment, and customs clearance, enhancing efficiency as well as minimizing the chances of human error.

For those already using our AIMS system, we can now help you to streamline all warehouse management and after-sales services by connecting your ERP with WMS (Warehouse Management System) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management ) to effectively improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Other than our proprietary ERP product AIMS, Armitage now provides e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, and customer relationship management systems. Our comprehensive knowledge on various solutions covering B2B / B2B2C / B2C / O2O on different industries, including the logistics, wholesale and retail, manufacturing, and transportation industries, means that we can be your reliable partner and help you pave your way into China’s huge market.

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