Success Stories

Publish Date: 31 March 2008

Avyana Company Limited (Avyana) succeeded to implement AIM ERP system. For celebrating their success, Mr. Gary Leung and Ms. Rebecca Yuen, the Senior Account Manager and Customer Services Executive of Armitage presented a crystal trophy to Mr. Andy Yan, the Director of Avyana on 14 March 2008. Decided to adopt AIMS ERP system in 2006, Avyana implemented the system during 2006 to 2007 with satisfactorily progress.

Avyana’s production plant was located at Pingwu District in Shenzhen. To enhance enterprise’s productivity, the management adopts comprehensive ERP system aiming at achieving the long-term development goal. Mr. Yan was pleased to sharing his experience “Before implementation, the management should well-define enterprise’s objectives, appropriately arrange job allocation and assign designated executives for different modules’ implementation, allowing enterprise to achieve success step by step.” To conclude, Mr. Yan believes that the management’s motivation is a key for ERP system implementation.

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