Success Stories

Publish Date: 14 September 2007

The customer is the Group Human Resources Division of an international retail and manufacturing enterprise which recruits more than 10 thousand employees for its diversified business entities in the territory. To replace the old medical claims system which was developed on early 2001, this new system, namely Compensation and Benefits System (CBS), is an integrated system that will handle all medical, clinical and employee compensation claims from group employees.

After successfully implemented the CBS, the Group HR can enjoy the benefits including the maintenance of an update and integrated group employees records, improvement on group employee-relationship and overall operation efficiency, flexibility to use analytic tool for information analysis, and improvement on the projection and forecasting capabilities.

The system is a client-server based application developed under Microsoft.NET programming model and infrastructure and using Microsoft SQL Server database.

Recently, we have further enhanced the system to handle the overseas medical benefits, plus the interface with the newly implemented Oracle HRMS application of the enterprise.

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