Success Stories

Publish Date: 30 May 2009

The customer is one of the largest container terminal operators in Shenzhen, PRC. To fulfill its daily operation and business growth, the customer has appointed Armitage to develop and implement a Barge Planning Control System (BPCS).

In the past, every individual department of the company was using an independent software system during the operation and inputted the data repeatedly. As a result, all data could not be properly managed and shared. BPCS, as a replacement for the existing system, has been tailor-made and implemented to solve these problems. Being directly interfaced with the major terminal operation management system of the port, BPCS is a web-based system developed by Java development platform and runs on Oracle 10g database. Upon the successful implementation of BPCS, users can access the online information of barge services, which enhances the overall customer service level.

The project has been successfully implemented in May 2009.

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