Success Stories

Publish Date: 01 October 2008

The customer is the largest container terminal located in Shenzhen region. There are over 500 tractors and vehicles running inside the container yards, and the terminal is required to construct its own gas station to supply the fuel of those tractors and vehicles. To better control and monitor of the fuel usage, an integrated Gasoline Management System (GMS) was implemented to replace the out-of-date gasoline refuels system.

To eliminate the risk of fraud, the GMS is an automatic refueling system using a microprocessor-based smart card with contactless read/write technologies for identifying the drivers and vehicles. The GMS can provide the following benefits:

  • Keep track tractor/vehicle against driver, check both driver performance and fuel consumption, and detect possible abuses;
  • Keep track of fuel usage and other aspects of vehicle use such as mileage and maintenance information;
  • Eliminate fuel theft by station attendants or drivers;
  • Eliminate all non-authorized fuelling;
  • Provide detailed reporting of transaction data as well as odometer reading, fuel consumption and other vehicle operating information, and
  • Secure all transactions through protection by full Data Encryption Standard (DES).

After Phase 1 of the GMS has been successfully implemented in June 2007, the customer could observe that the total fuel consumption was saved around 3 to 5 % per year. The second phase will be carried on to extend GMS to mobile tankers and plant equipment including RTGC, container handlers, forklifts, power generator and so on.

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