Success Stories

Publish Date: 02 June 2009

The customer is the gasoline card issuing company in Hong Kong, which is engaged in offering discount on gasoline purchases and monthly payment service for local drivers.

To manage all members’ information and gasoline purchase records, the company was using an old software system to handle the daily operation as well as calculating all members’ monthly expenditures. Since the old system did not equip with synchronization function, it occasionally miscalculated members’ monthly expenditures. Moreover, with the continuously increasing number of members, the old system could not support their daily operation. Therefore, the company has appointed Armitage to develop and implement an Enterprise Information Management System (EIMS) with the following functions:

  • Manage all data in a centralized database, such as information of gasoline, salesperson and members
  • Send out alert message when failure / outstanding payment is found
  • Automatically update members’ information and gasoline usage record to avoid human errors and losses
  • Provide auto-generated report and documents, such as members’ monthly statement, outstanding payment report and overdue payment invoice
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