Success Stories

The Tung Wah Group is one of Hong Kong’s most historical and diversified charity organization. And to strive for service excellence, efficiency and effectiveness, the Group has recently worked hand in hand with Armitage to digitized their meal ordering system for their Elderly Centers.

Tung Wah deployed the Meal Ordering System system as the transfiguration and understands that it is crucial the system must be flexible and data be synced instantaneously. The advanced ordering system can ease in the planning of monthly menu by consolidating all purchases of common food ingredients from different recipes of different Center locations. With the new simplified yet centralized platform, the cost of wastage due to food expiration from excess purchasing is largely reduced.

Armitage’s TacticsX Meal Ordering System lies as a part of our TacticsX Ecosystem. It can be easily managed even for users who are not tech-savvy because of its easy-to-use user interface and beautiful design. It also consists of other modules including CRM, Membership system, ERP system, as well as IoT solutions that can integrate with retailers’ online shops or POS system, syncing all data across platforms seamlessly for further analysis to make better business decisions.

Tung Wah’s mission is to provide comprehensive services to the community and build a better society. Looking to the future, the Tung Wah Group pursue to keep up with the evolution of technology, committing to “Quality Care, Holistic Development” for the elderlies.

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