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Warehouse Management and Barcode System make the Wine Business more success

Publish Date: 19 August 2013

One of our customers is a listed Financial Group in Hong Kong, which has diversified businesses including the provision of factoring services, financial investment, property development, and hotel. Coping with the rapid growth of demand of wine related products in China, the Company also invests the expansion of areas such as wine futures, cellaring, trading of self-brand’s wines and operating their own vineyards.

In line with the wine business development and management, the Company has set up a warehouse in Hong Kong as a logistic hub, storing more than million bottles of high-value wines. They have very high expectation on the warehouse management, approval process, and the storage and analysis of large amount of data, which can never been fulfilled by MS-Excel. Those valuable data includes the procurement record, order record, sales record, stock record and customer information. Meanwhile, the floor area of the warehouse is every large, it is difficult to manage and monitor efficiently solely by manpower.

To make the wine business development more efficient with quality, the Company has implemented AIMS ERP System to integrate and streamline the entire business process. Such integration enhances the cost management, procurement management, order management, stock management and even customer relationship management, so the Company can record the wine information more systematically, simplify the process in controlling the warehouse and enhance the accuracy of the inventory level. The detailed analysis report helps them to control the inventory level and customer orders. Meanwhile, AIMS ERP has been integrated with a Barcode System to enhance the inventory control and improve product and service quality, and ultimately make its wine business in a more success.

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