Many of our daily human experiences and interactions involve machines or devices of some sort. Technology is an integral part of our lives. Because of that, it’s time to evaluate how we can better use the strengths of machines to augment our ability to understand and improve the world around us. Advances in machine learning have allowed us to create systems that can automate complex tasks through constant learning. With all those data collected, we can make use of various AI tools to help you make find patterns and anomalies. A computer’s strength comes from its ability to reliably, efficiently and accurately analyze large volumes of data without fatigue.

3 Powerful Examples of Artificial Intelligence

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  In manufacturing, AI can maintenance in the form of machine learning and artificial neural networks to formulate predictions regarding asset malfunction, then drastically reduce costly unplanned downtime. On the other hand, AI improves product quality by eliminating emerging production faults, which include deviations from recipes, subtle abnormalities in machine behaviour, or change in raw materials. Moreover, AI can analyze factory IoT data streaming from connected sensors to forecast expected load and demand, and enable robots to handle more cognitive tasks and make autonomous decisions based on real-time environmental data.

 smart factory


  AI updates in-store technology and improves the real-world shopping experience, by creating a more engaging business-to-consumer interaction. Customer buying behaviours, including shopping habits, patterns and preferences, are being observed, collected and analysed. AI model discovers actionable information about the business and its customers and stock management.

 smart retail

3.Transportation and logistics

 Transportation and logistics industry can apply AI which uses observed data to make or even predict appropriate decisions.For instance, cameras and sensors in a transportation system feed data to machine-learned analytics application to enable automatic incident detection, image processing for traffic data, and provide real-time operation information.

 artificial intelligence logistics

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