Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)


erp web basedWeb-enable & Interactive Web-based Enquiry

  • Factories and overseas branch offices can be connected via internet.
  • Quotations, open orders and delivery schedules can be easily accessed by customers via internet. It helps to enhance corproate image.

erp approvalApproval Workflow Management

  • Improves workflow manageability with document approval.
  • Defines multi-level approval workflow to strengthen internal monitoring control.

erp alertAlert System

  • As your personal secretary - sending email alert to remind executives for taking appropriate actions.

erp bar codeItem-code Generator

  • Item code book can be saved in the system to unify item code structure.
  • With well-defined code structure, item details & specifications are easily generated which enhances material flow management.

erp platformCollaboration Platform

  • Users can schedule personal task list and pre-set alert in the system for reminding important notes.
  • Provides instant message and file transfer functions among internal departments to enhance internal collaboration and communications.

erp formatMultiple-format Reporting

  • Reports can be exported to Excel、Word、TEXT and PDF formats.
  • Built-in Report Writer - a tool for users to design preferred report format and layout.

erp ISOISO9000 Management

  • Supports ISO9000 management concept, e.g. contract approval, incoming QA, compliance vendor list, vendor performance analysis and workflow management, etc. Commitment to maintain continuous improvement can be achieved.

erp RoHSRoHS Environmental Management

  • Provides tracking function on engineering, parts, vendors, inventory, production process and products RoHS compliance, etc.
  • Collects lab test report information and documents for all materials, e.g. report's expiry date, hazardous substance's ppm and production instruction forms, etc.
  • Reports showing different colors as a friendly reminder.
  • Different signs shown in Bill of Material (BOM) for RoHS alert.


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