Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)


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Sales Management

  • Approval procedure can be user-defined, thus enhancing operation flow management
  • Provides sales status and gross profit analysis
  • Provides sales forecast information for Master Production Scheduling (MPS) which helps to estimate material and production capacity
  • Supports sales order BOM to modify quotation with high flexibility
  • Supports sales order running change to meet the needs for ongoing sales order changes


Shipping & Delivery

  • Supports partial delivery and partial invoice handling to compare the variance between delivery and outstanding invoice
  • Provides tracking function of order status, delivery schedule and order variance
  • Supports packing list, shipping advice and sales return handling
  • Enhances customer service quality with online checking platform
  • Supports Valued Added Tax (VAT) with different types of invoice and tax rate
  • Calculates shipment volume in CBM & CFT automatically



Purchase Management

  • Supports cross-border operation. Management can approve PO anywhere, anytime for enhancing efficiency
  • Links with MRP which provides analysis on inventory and material supply status. PR and PO can be automatically-generated
  • Provides information on suppliers’ pricing, price comparison and performance analysis
  • Supports ‘what-if’ function and provides PO changes advice
  • Provides material purchase preview for purchase decision
  • Supports VAT to serve for local purchase of material



Inventory Management

  • Users can define type & location of multi-warehouses, production line and location of sub-contractor, etc
  • Product specification, photos, design drawings and document links can be kept in the system for easy checking and viewing
  • User can define the rules for generating item code by item-code generator. Item code structure can be unified
  • Lot number control supports various tracking function, such as FIFO, FPFO and expiry date control, etc.
  • Provides Customs-defined categories. Report can be easily generated for Customs clearance



Quality Management

  • Complies with industrial requirement by conducting sample quality checking based on AQL standard
  • Vendor supplied items can be inspected with different levels such as full, tightened and normal which makes inspection flexibly
  • Provides multiple inspection types, such as PQC, SQC, OQC and MRB QC, etc. 




  • Supports settings for item alternatives and wastage in tree-view BOM and routing. Engineering Change Note (ECN) record can be checked instantly
  • Provides customer BOM and virtual BOM structure to fulfill different customers’ requirements
  • Approval procedure and effective date are provided in ECN. ECN will be issued automatically when the quantity of obsolete stocks reaches a pre-defined level



Mould Management

  • Supports injection, spray paint work, rotary, regrind handling and resin usage for cost calculation
  • Provides mould parameter, usage arrangement and machine matching, etc.
  • Calculates paint and resin usage and capacity loading



Production Planning

  • Different colors represent the status or priority of production planning for better management
  • The working stage displayed with different symbols facilitates any schedule changes
  • Based on the change of customer order, Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and Capacity Resource Planning (CRP) can be conducted easily for further planning
  • Different color represents different production capacity, hence, over-time work and sub-contract arrangement can be easily managed



Production Management

  • Handles make-to-order and make-to-stock production
  • Arranges production operation by defined BOM and Routing in Production Planning
  • Produces manufacturing order for production monitoring including issue of material, wastage control, material return, material compensation and MPS running change
  • Provides comparison analysis for actual and estimated cost



Human Resource Management

  • Supports employee management, such as personal record, quarter, ethnic, education, skill, warning, rewards & penalty, etc.
  • Supports attendance management, such as shift duty management, attendance record including late, leave, absence and over-time, etc.
  • Provides payroll management to support user-defined payroll formulas and makes use of different factors for calculation such as time rate, piece rate, fixed rate, bonus, compensation and insurance, etc.




  • Provides user-defined analysis group for handling departmental or project financial analysis
  • Produces analysis on Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and cash flow status
  • Customer statement, payment advice, bank reconciliation, and standard financial reports are provided
  • Handles accounting and consolidation for multi-companies
  • Provides HK and the PRC accounting modules for selection



Key Performance Index

  • Uses different colors to identify high, medium or low standard levels
  • Different monitoring standard can be defined such as profit performance, wastage rate and productivity, etc.
  • Enhances decision making efficiency and strengthens market forecasting and response accuracy



  • Connect database to Barcode Label Design Software (BarTender), produce barcode labels (1D/2D) template and bulk label printing.
  • Enable real-time warehouse operation on handheld scanning device and immediate inventory level enquiry.
  • Delivery Order double checking, Material Issue, Material Return, Goods Transfer and Stock Take.

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